It is mandatory to get a student visa to study in Japan if you live outside Japan.
It takes about 6 months from the application to get a student visa.
Please contact us earlier if you are interested in studying at our school.

Application Requirements

  1. Those who have finished more than 12 years of education.
  2. Those who have been recognized as equivalent to above.
  3. Those who have studied Japanese language more than 150 hours by the time of application.
  4. Those who understand the following contents and pledge to abide by law and school regulation.


Course 2-Year Course for International Students 1.5-Year Course for International Students
Terms 2024/Apr/1st 2024/Oct/1st
School Hours 20 hours/week (4 hours/day) 20 hours/week (4 hours/day)
Note: Time of the graduation is March 2026 for 2-Year and 1.5-Year courses.

School Expenses

1st Year 2nd Year
2-Year and 1.5-Year Courses 2-Year Course
for International Students
1.5-Year Course
for International Students
Application Fee 10,000 0 0
Enrollment Fee 50,000 0 0
Tuition Fee 480,000 480,000 240,000
Facility Fee 80,000 80,000 40,000
Material Fee 46,000 46,000 28,000
Activity Fee 40,000 40,000 30,000
Total ¥ 706,000 ¥ 646,000 ¥ 338,000

Note1:Material Fee includes costs of textbooks and supplementary materials.

Note2:Activity Fee includes costs of entrance ceremony, graduation ceremony, graduation celebration party, student insurance, medical check-up, ID photo and fieldtrips etc.

Note3:Overseas remittance fee (3,500 JPY) will be charged if you send school expenses from outside of Japan.

Cancellation Policy

Before Enrollment

Once the payment is complete, The paid school expenses will not be refunded for whatever reason you may have.
However, School Expenses excluding Application Fee and Enrollment Fee will be refunded if the exam candidate has to give up studying in Japan due to non-personal circumstances such as visa denial.

After Enrollment

The school expenses will not be refunded for whatever reason you may have.

Application Period

2-Year Course for International Students
April Term
September 1st,2023~
November 20th, 2023
Translation required for all the documents
1.5-Year Course for International Students
October Term
April 1st,2024~
June 20th, 2024
Translation required for all the documents

Note:1.Applications will not be accepted once the limit is reached.

Note:2.Applications will not be accepted after the closing date.

Announcement of Results

2-Year Course for International Students
(April Term)
At the end of February
1.5-Year Course for International Students
(October Term)
At the end of August

Required Documents for Application

Please download the list of the required documents for application.
Required documents may be different depending on the countries and regions of applicants.
Please contact us for more details.

Click here to download the List of Required Documents

Student Visa Application Process

Enrollment Inquiry and Selection
*By 6 months before admission
Please contact us first and send us the Application form, Personal Record form and Financial Support form via email.
Sending Application Form and Other documentation
*By 4-5 months before admission
Please send us the necessary documentation via post mail(EMS or DHL).
(Applicants must send all documentation data by email first.)
Visa Application
We will apply for a student visa on behalf of applicants to the Tokyo Immigration Bureau.
All the documents will be checked before the visa application.
COE Issuance and
Tuition Fee Payment
The Tokyo Immigration Bureau will send us the result of visa application.
We will send applicants an invoice by email if the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is issued. Please transfer the tuition fee to our bank account.
Visa Application at the Embassy of Japan
We will send applicants the original COE via post mail (EMS or DHL).
Once applicants receive the original COE, they may apply for a Student visa at the embassy or consulate of Japan in the applicant's country.
Book your Flight and Get Ready!
Once the student visa is issued, you can book the flight and start packing.Please send us your E-ticket data.
If you request the airport pick up service, please let us know before you book the flight.
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