About Us

Message from Principal

21st Century is the era for Asia.
Chuo Computer & Communication College is developing human resources who can succeed in business in the field of Asia.The keys of success are IT, Business and Language skills.
First of all, it is very important to consolidate your basic Japanese skills at the Japanese Language Department. Then, you can study IT and business at our college to become successful global human resources in business.
Our motto is "Kind & thorough comprehensiveness". We will help our students to embrace the possibilities and push their limits.
Let us stay with you. I am looking forward to having you.
Chuo Joho Gakuen President Hiroshi Okamoto  


"B.A Tokyo University Ph.D in Social Sciences from Hitotsubashi University"
Founded Chuo Joho Gakuen Chuo Computer & Communication College in 1987
"The President of Chuo Joho Gakuen since 1988"
Vice President of National Association of Vocational Schools of Japan, Chairperson of Japan Association for International Student Education and a board member of other conferences

School Features

Features of Chuo Computer & Communication College

Chuo Computer and Communication College was founded in 1987 and we celebrated the 30th anniversary in 2017.
Our college has won Nihon-Ryugaku AWARDS as a professional training college which "Japanese language school teachers recommend their students to go" for 6 years (As of 2021).

Great Location for International Students

Shiki station (the nearest station of our school) is close to Tokyo. It takes 20 minutes to Ikebukuro, 30 minutes to Shinjuku by train. "This area is comfortable place to live for students. In fact, some famous universities and high schools are located around Shiki station. There are shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants near the station. On the other hand, A quiet residential area is located a little away from Shiki station." It is easy to go between Narita/ Haneda Airport and Shiki station, as there are shuttle busses connecting the locations.

Chuo Computer & Communication College

Features of Japanese Language Department

What is Japanese Language Department?

Japanese Language Department was established in April 2000. Since then, we have been committing Japanese language education with a philosophy based on the idea that, "We aim to cultivate the mind that we can overcome cultural barriers and live together with others".
Many international students have passed Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) as a result of learning Japanese based on their proficiency levels (5 levels) to work in Japan after graduating from university or professional training college.
We have had international students from more than 15 different countries such as Bangladesh, China, India, Iran, Mongolia, Myanmar, Netherlands, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Venezuela, Vietnam.

Student support by their native language

Japanese, English, Vietnamese or Chinese Mandarin speakers are working for international students as student supporters.
Nepalese, Bengal, Hindu and Burmese are also available as necessary.
We offer students the support system even though your Japanese level is not enough yet.


Advantage of studying at Chuo Computer & Communication College Japanese Language Department

Chuo Joho Gakuen, handling Chuo Computer and Communication College is an incorporated educational institution authorized by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Japan. We will support your life in Japan with the special privilege only for incorporated educational institutions.

1. The period of stay is longer than other schools

The April term students of our Japanese Language Department are usually given a student visa valid for 2 years and 3 months. (2 years visa for October term students) (A Student visa for common Japanese language schools is valid for maximum 1 year and 3 months.)
Our students do not need to renew their visa until graduation.


2. Reasonable school expense

The Japanese government does not charge consumption tax (10%) for tuition fees and admission fees of incorporated education institutions. This is why the we can offer reasonable school expense to the students. Material fee and activity fees are included in the school expense. No extra cost will be charged when studying at our college.

3. Student commuter pass is avaialble

Students studying at incorporated education institution are eligible to purchase a student commuter pass if they come to school by public transportation. The price of student commuter pass is only 30% of normal fare. The students of common Japanese language schools are not eligible to purchase it.

The students of common Japanese language schools are not eligible to purchase it.

Normal commuter pass
5,300 yen/month
Student commuter pass
1,880 yen/month


4. The facilities from IT professional training college

Chuo Computer & Communication College is an IT professional training college with IT facilities. (High-Speed Wi-Fi/Projector installed in each room) We offer our students the lessons corresponding to new normal at Japanese Language Department.
・More active and high-quality lessons with usuing projectors
・Online lessons with Microsoft Teams even in the unforeseen circumstances